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File Preparation:

It couldn't be easier to supply your digital files for printing:

However, making sure the image file is correct is the single most important element in getting the best print possible from your file:

Monitor Calibration:

The most important tool for doing this is of course your monitor screen so if this hasn't been calibrated correctly all the adjustments you make to your image will be wrong. It is therefore strongly adviseable to calibrate your monitor with a calibation device before making any adjustments to your file, however you can check the accuracy by going to which is a useful site for checking your screen although it must be stated fine art printing for photographers accept no responsibility for adjustments made to screens using this site and have no links whatsoever to the author of the site.

The screens used to view the digital files are colour calibrated and re-checked on a weekly basis and custom profiles are used for all the papers which means that what is visible on screen is what will print so, unless your screen has been calibrated what you see with probably vary slightly to what is printed.



Checking your Image File:

1: Set the image dimensions ( width & height ) so they are at the correct output size relative to the resolution you would like your file printed at either 300 dpi or 360 dpi is recommended.

2: Make sure your image is in RGB mode, Adobe RGB 1998 is the recommended colour space.

3: The file should have no layers ( flattened ) and save it as an 8-bit TIFF, 16-bit can be handled however the files are obviously much larger when it comes to upload them and the quality difference in the print is only slight. JPEG's ( don't compress too much ) can be printed from as well, however the quality of the print will not be as good.

4: All files received are individually softproofed by us in order to achieve the best print quality possible.

5: The file should now be ready for upload (remember to give it the same ref. as you entered in the print purchase field) - three file upload options are available on each print ordering page.